Dear Readers


I hope all of you are doing great! It is almost the end of May 2017 and indeed time runs faster than we do. I haven’t got the time to actually sit down and write down inspirational stories and articles. But, don’t worry, it’s time to share what’s good and pursue on our values of life.

This time out, I came to realise after quite a period of thinking and sharing thoughts with people, we came up to a word called ‘Self-Realisation’ which means that you realise something on yourself. What would it be? It could be vary depending on what you are pursuing.

For example, I found this article to be useful:


There has been bunch of articles about being an entrepreneur, from starting with 0 capital or more than 5-6 digits of 0 in USD, EUR or any other strong currencies.

Why is this related to self-realisation? It is related because you have come up to an age or a time when waiting for salary to come to you either in every 2 weeks, end of month or beginning of the month has made you feel that your life is being on a shaky line, not to mention with bunch of our commitments which has made us not able to move around and do stuff as we wish. Beggars can’t beg – There is a saying of this which is true at times, we can’t just say ‘Hi I want that car, or that house when our balance is not even enough to pay for its down-payment.

It has come up to myself that having a stable income every month is indeed a decent thing so you don’t have to worry about any of your expenses within budget of your salary.

However, if you do ask yourself? What it has given to you? Any self-satisfaction?

If you do have a self-satisfaction on what you are getting as long as you are having a regular income, I can’t complain much on that because some of us have commitments on our back, holding responsibilities. But, for us who aren’t happy with what you are getting, are you going to stay doing what you’re doing and keep up straight faces from 9-5? Days have changed us to a period when self-employment is possible (with quite a struggle) and don’t say it is easy because none of us as pioneers of doing a business have got to say and tell the world that it was an easy path for them to put the stepping-stones.

What should be done then?

  1. Read

It is obvious than social medias have taken 90% of our attention to our world of screen (either big or small and medium size of it), to impress, to look or search for something that we do like and just to stay out from our boredom.

How about reading? It is known that people don’t read much and prefer to read HEADLINES and made assumptions out of it, as a result? Being judgemental is a soft skill for them. Sometimes, you have to slowdown with your social medias and read for your own knowledge, not to say that you can’t read novels, comics or else but by having knowledge from books and dedicated writers, they can and able to help you out whenever you have doubts in your mind or want to do something valuable within your life.

Read for 5-10 minutes in a day and pick any books you like and make sure it has a good knowledge inside. Otherwise, try to search for valuable writers and magazines as well.

  1. Socialize

Back to the 90s when we do not have mobile phones as our bangles and mobile tablets as our PSP/Gameboy, we will sit and talk with other people in cafe, mall or just over the phone. This is something that has gone to an extinction ’til some cafes are putting wifi passwords as : talkwithyourfriend, stoplayingwithyourphone and more which clearly indicate our addiction of mobile phone. Put away your phone, talk with your good friend/family about life and cherish the moments with them.

I hope that we will start to make something out of our life, be someone who can share happiness with others. Life is not about having unlimited balance in your bank account (although that is nice too) But, it is also about being YOU, the one that YOU love and appreciate.

Have a good weekend.



What do you want?

This has been a question which each of us will ask to ourselves.

What does it mean? Don’t you have any assurance of your life in the future? It is a tough question I’d say, especially if you think that you have not done something marvelous.


You have seen this everywhere, haven’t you?

Whatever your age is now, this quote and the question above will always ‘haunt’ us.

Should we be concerned? Well, I would like to share a piece of mind with all of you today.

During our time, we are always having challenges from whichever way you’re seeing your own life. Every time, we do have to decide on everything, although you don’t realise it. For example, when you just woke up, you have 2 choices, 3 choices or more, such as playing with your phone, sleep off for another 3-5 minutes, pray to begin the day or you may wake up quickly since you’re late for any occasion.

Bunch of choices already? Not even close, whenever you’re at work/school and you will be thinking to decide what will be your lunch, where will you buy it and with who you’re going with. An easy task can be overwhelming since we have choices. It goes the same for your future, the so-called ‘millennial’ represent a group of people who cherish their time by traveling and see the world with their own eyes, expressing themselves (that’s why bunch of selfie are available online 🙂 Good One!)

But, do we have to follow them? All sudden to be a traveler, food photographer, selfie lover and etc. No, we don’t as each of us is designed for our own fate. It will depend solely on our choices, as each option of it has bunch of consequences.


Indeed 😉

so, if you’re confused with your life at the moment, do not worry. Bunch of us also have the same feeling. Confused, angry, happy and sad at the same time for having no assurance what would be our next step while seeing other people from our social media platforms that they’re making great effort and such fantastic life.

Oh dear, believe us.. it’s just social media, don’t take it personal. Each of us has our own life and you don’t have to be anyone else but you. At the moment, if you do have someone or if you’re single. Cherish it, as moment will always go by, it will never comeback. Be happy to be with someone who appreciate who you are and having a balanced relationship is basically needed by every human being.

Hmm…OK, I got it, so what to do now?

As of now, let’s be grateful that we are still breathing today and later tonight, if you’re going to rest, pray for a while. In case, you don’t believe in any form of God then let’s have a quiet moment and relax, be optimistic although every single part of you is collapsing. None of bad moment last forever.

What to do afterwards? Please relax yourself, have your ‘ME-Time’ and carefully think on what do you want for your own future. It doesn’t have o be big. Be real, not perfect because perfectionism will only hurt you.

For those who are waiting for something to come true, well just relax and keep your focus. Don’t worry, you will be fine. Don’t be sad and upset and life keeps going.



It has been a while since our previous post has been published.

The second week of December 2016 and the third week of advent, it has remarked a strong journey of a year to come to an end.

It has been much and less a ride for each and every one of us, either we do realise or not. We have either found or lost something or someone just in a second, or in a day or even after few months. We had to treasure their value to their deepest sanctuary which in the end, we are unable to visit because they have gone to different world.

However, let them be gone and rest in peace for the sake of their final destination of their journey. Our journey still continue and I’d say it is getting bigger and more challenging than ever!


Well, by this time, I have met someone different and although human beings are not the same from one to another, this is not an ordinary period of time with this person.

Why I would share something about random stuff, random time and random story? It is because what comes in a sudden, it does worth your attention. Similar to my experience of meeting this person, although it is now being famously mentioned as ‘long distance relationship’, I’d say it has the same value and the same tough moments as the ordinary ones.

Challenges come with any type such as vision, problem solving, managing, arguing trusting, loving and perfection to keep on one and another. It has been a journey and YES, first steps are the hardest. Commitment is easy but the way we stay within our commitment is always challenged.

How do we survive such things? We are young at heart and we do want a lot of things in this world. We have seen people with various capabilities that only God knows why these people inherited it. Somehow, it takes more than just pursuing for a perfection but it does come with an understanding of each other. I have been into situation and this person has also been into situation which putting this person’s life in danger. Able to make a faster decision because the surrounding make this person do so. Does it make this person become bad? Nope, because this person has natural instinct of survival and knows where this person should stand.

Do the challenges that come to our way has to be decided on the solution ASAP? Sometimes it does, sometimes it requires our time of silence to think and sit down. Conquering our battle between mind, heart and future to achieve what we have wanted for quite a time.

What’s the point of this post then?

This post means to enable you to be READY and always keep an open mind that challenges will come to you when you are NOT READY and not all things require an ASAP action.


Use your instinct, believe in your own faith, KEEP yourself up and LOVE conquers all.

Life Isn’t Flat



Are we all born in the age of time, when we live like a robot?

It depends on our own perspectives, some people say yes and the rest say no.

A busy life began on the time we wake up, instead of giving thanks to the Guy upstairs, we were busy checking our phones for messages and whatever stuff.

We got ourselves ready for anything that comes within the day, either work or school and get ready to meet up the usual people who brings either trouble or joy. A devilish circle I’d say and it just doesn’t stop on weekdays, sometimes it is being carried to weekends, especially on Sunday nights when we’d like to complain as it goes like this:


But, have we ever looked back and think how far life has gone and taken us?

I’d share some parts of my experience when my life is NEVER flat and it goes way down under hell and up to heaven at the same time. Back in 2010 when I just started university year,  I thought that it will just be ordinary years for someone to go to university and obtain a degree, get a normal job and later doing whatever sh*t being thrown by my life.

But, I realised that it was different, from getting to know new people, new stuff and yet the so-called glorious moments of finding love and such, along with owning businesses and try to survive by using life skills. It just went WAY TOO FAST and it was tough because I had to deal with the problems that should have been put to someone who’s 40 years old plus and not to me (I wasn’t even 20). I wasn’t ready but I got myself to think, to cure and to heal the broken parts of mine and my surrounding. Was I alone? Yes, I was. People just came ‘hi’ and ‘bye’ and not to mention how wild I was to get to know some people just for doing whatever fulfils my desires.

It has gone on and off ’til end of 2014 or few months after my graduation. I had to think the things that should be done and create my own personality.

But, it didn’t work ’til 2015 where I had made my decision to leave my country (Indonesia) and pursue a brighter future outside, although my surrounding would say that I was stupid and way too aggressive and emotional to get over my situation. I didn’t bother to listen because in the end, I know it’s going to be a high risk problem without potential plan B. However, I got to do it or I’d be someone with lifeless soul.

I’ve flown myself to Malaysia, a land of opportunities and today, It’s been more than a year since I have stepped on my life to pursue greater chances.

However, I felt that it was flat and no excitement is there. I have looking for new friends and not to mention, a better love life and yet, it doesn’t happen.

I was thinking to myself whether it will be like this:


However, 1 day. Everything has changed. Someone came to my life from nowhere and although I was the one who cut off our connection due to some unreasonable me and thoughts of small chances.

It began from just a ‘hi’ and turns out to be what we called destiny. The way I understand that I’m not a robot, a lonely robot doing whatever stuff without putting compassion unto it. We met and we have changed each other perspectives, I was surprised and thrilled, so does the other party.

But, would it be flat just like the ordinary ones?


Apparently, NO.

Merci beaucoup mon amour.


It is the MOST effective word to begin with, it’s as easy as just reading the title and you will be thinking of the whole fear surrounding you.

Just by the word of FEAR, we’re drown on our thoughts

Isn’t it silly?

We are being scared of something that has been created by our mind and running thoughts, just because something didn’t go as we had expected.

Sometimes, we are scared to do or to say something because we’re afraid of the prior and post-effect of it. Either we’re concerned about what will people think of us, our self-image and yet the surrounding of yours.

Are you sure that you want to be controlled by FEAR?

Fear is actually quite reasonable. However, it depends on each circumstance and the way we deal about it.

Sometimes, the most stuff that we do fear are listed below:

  1. Future
  2. Love
  3. Financial
  4. Opinions of people
  5. Imperfection
  6. Shame

These points are mainly going round and round on our deep thoughts and throughout the days, while we’re going to sleep, going out with friends, alone and other circumstances.

But, does FEAR change the situation to something better?

IT DOES NOT! It has ruined your time and completely wasted the day you’re going through.

I am writing with regard to such a strong word is because I have seen people and myself being trapped to a situation where I can’t move myself up but down. It’s not helpful, it’s just easily tear yourself apart from what you should be doing and think at the same time.

But, aren’t we supposed to be afraid sometimes and know where do our feet stand on?

Yes, absolutely you should. However, understanding the situation and being afraid on both sides won’t get you anywhere.

What’s my suggestion to face the fear within you?

  1. Fear is made up thoughts and “what if’s” so don’t bother to twist your mind around.

Focus on the solution!

2. Fear is made because we don’t want to be rejected by our surrounding.

Be sure to whom you should trust your issues with by then, since not everyone around the earth is having the same way of thinking as us and neither do their action.

3. At the end of the day, it’s WAY better for “Oops” rather than “I should have tried”

Fear about future, love, financial, people’ opinions, imperfection and shame has to be tackled by raising up yourself to be BRAVE and take on THE CHANCE, only by then the “Oops” worth to be on your Eternal Side of your life.

~GOOD LUCK and BE BRAVE~'s+holding+you+back+from+living+your+dreams


Patience is not hard nor easy.

It takes a whole of yourself to conquer and to have that on your mind and soul.


A chick has to wait for 21 days to hatch

It means that all life form does learn on patience in various ways we couldn’t possibly imagine. It looks easy to say and advise people to be patient on achieving whatever they’re aiming for such as career, love and future goals.

However, the sense of being patient is not about the result. It is related on the way you handle yourself the waiting period. It takes a lot of effort and sometimes it goes beyond your nerve. 

The funny thing is although we do pray to be patient and wish to be patient along the road, this happens..

While we’re wishing for patience, at the same time we’re being impatient

If I’d share my experiences, it won’t say that I do have a smooth road to success in any form of stuff. It took a lot of effort to be patient and yet sometimes it takes all the tears you could shed from your eyes. It was excruciating to me, but guess what? I have passed it all and gain way more BETTER than I expected

For the time being, all we can do is be patient because we do believe and we do have assurance of best gift being given to those who patiently wait.

Of course, it wouldn’t be like in few hours later. But, keep it up and learn to be one.

Because in the end..

A good reminder to ourselves, it’s not easy but it’s feasible